Hay loft


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Like all hay lofts, the hay loft room is our upstairs bedroom

Picnic tabled in the yard of Magnolia Stables.

Nestled in the eaves of the converted horse barn-turned-bed and breakfast, the hayloft bedroom exudes rustic charm and tranquil simplicity. Accessed by a narrow staircase that creaks softly with each step, this cozy retreat offers a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside through its small, dormer window. Inside, the room is adorned with weathered wooden beams that tell tales of the barn’s former life, now repurposed into a haven for weary travelers seeking respite.

Despite its humble origins, the hayloft bedroom is tastefully furnished with a comfortable queen-sized bed draped in crisp linens that promise a restful night’s sleep. Antique bedside tables flank the bed, each adorned with a softly glowing lamp that casts warm shadows on the exposed brick walls. A vintage wardrobe stands stoically in one corner, its aged wood bearing the marks of time and echoing the history of the barn itself.

While the hayloft lacks an en-suite bathroom, guests need only descend the sturdy wooden stairs to find modern conveniences nestled on the ground floor. The shared bathroom, meticulously renovated from what was once a feed room, boasts gleaming fixtures and plush towels. Its charm lies in the juxtaposition of old and new—a testament to the careful restoration that transformed the barn into a welcoming bed and breakfast. As guests make their way downstairs, the scent of freshly brewed coffee wafts from the communal kitchen, inviting them to start their day amidst the rustic elegance of their temporary home.